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Arbitrage Sports Betting
  dryath, Mar 28 2017

Whats up LP?

So I am wondering if anyone here is into Arbitrage Sports Betting? - If so would love to chat to any of you about it / what you do / how you do it. It is probably different for me in Aus, as I believe they restrict the bookies that we can use to only Aus ones? - But im sure the general theme is the same.

Seems like there could be some good money to be made, but flying under the radar my be difficult. I dabbled a little bit at one bookie, and they were quick to limit my promotions and ability to 'odds boost' my bets at once / day.

As a life update, I moved away from poker, went back to study (Finance), found it really tough getting work for the first few years in a related field, but eventually got there and am now working as a Financial Accountant (which surprisingly I really enjoy) - had you asked me if I ever would have wanted do that 5 years ago, I would have balked at the idea.

Anyway, drop me a comment anyone on sports arbitrage / life / anything else.

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HUD setup
  dryath, Jul 25 2015

Anyone have PT4 hud setup they may be looking to share?

I very rarely play poker these days, but am aware running the default hud probably isn't ideal.

PM me if you would like to add to skype.

Playing mainly 50 plo, with some nlhe too (unsure if this matters or not)

Hope you're all doing well guys, GL at the tables for those of you still playing

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Europe Travel + Casino
  dryath, Dec 07 2014

Hey guys,

Been a while since i last blogged - but I love that I can still come here and know that there a still a fair few of you that will chime in and offer great advice.

My girlfriend and I plan on heading over to Europe around Aug-Sep in 2015 and plan to drive around a few countries over around 4-5 week period. So far the general idea seems to start on the West and work out way through from perhaps Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and then potential for a few others like Czech Republic. Whilst those are the core ones we have talked about so far I am definitely open to opinions you guys have on any of these areas

Which also brings me to my next point in that - that being a now "retired" poker player I would still love to check out a couple casinos and potentially jump into a couple of live games of NLHE up to 5/10 or PLO (but smaller games as I am pretty weak at it). Last time I was in Europe was in 2010 - since I didn't go to many of these countries and its been quite a while I have no idea what the games are like / what runs / or where could be good to go.

Looking forward to hearing some good ideas, hope everyone has been doing well both at and away from the tables

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